Friday, 18 May 2018

Kepier Celebrates Royal Wedding

To celebrate the Royal Wedding on Saturday 19th May, Kepier had a 'Royal Wedding Day' today with our canteen being themed for the day and staff and learners selling cakes made by them at break and lunchtime - a huge thank you to Mrs. Dawla for organising this!
One of our Catering Team, Mrs. Eley made a fabulous Royal Wedding cake, and learners had the opportunity to purchase a slice of this, and could also purchase a Royal picnic box and a selection of cakes. Along with food, we have had face painting, music and lots of flag waving!
Proceeds from the cake sale at break and lunch, which raised over £400, will go to the "Kepier Memorial Garden Fund" planned for the new school; a wonderful cause and an area for learners, staff and visitors to have a place of quiet reflection and remembrance.

Mrs. Cooper said "firstly can I say a huge thank you for all your support with regards to the fundraising activities today.  Whether you purchased a tiffin box, or had your face painted, today felt quite  special - Royal Wedding or not.....Special thanks to the Cover, Catering, Technology and Art teams for making the activities happen." 

Many thanks to everyone who took part; we hope you enjoy the photos!!!

New School Update

Friday, 27 April 2018


As part of his English work, Max from Year 7 has written the most beautiful, thought provoking poem, which Mrs. Cooper absolutely loved. She said "Max has such great potential in writing poetry and even musical lyrics; what a talent!"
We hope you enjoy it as much as we did!


The world around me,
Is like a demon in disguise.
Perfect In all but the cleverest of eyes.
In childhood all I get is a bundle of lies,
I get told I’m too young to understand a demise,
Of a close person, while my mother cries.

The world around me is an aggressive flame,
Crazy politicians try to keep it tame,
Though they end up feeding it instead of ending the pain.
And all we can do is sit in vain,
While the world falls apart again and again.

The world around me,
Is a home to war,
The peace has been permanently torn.
It has never been this bad before.
We gently kill it more and more.

Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Citizenship Awards March 2018

The Easter term saw Mrs. Cooper award prizes to learners from each year group who were chosen by their Year Managers as having made a real difference not just in school but also in the local community by their actions.
Charlie from Year 7 has carried out an enormous amount of fundraising, managing to raise over £1000 for cancer charities; Ethan and Cameron in Year 8 were chosen for their all round great attitudes, being excellent citizens on a daily basis, and being wonderful role models for other learners.
From Year 9, Gabriel and Sam were chosen for their roles in helping a local lady find her dog which had ran off; Clayton and Kyle for helping to save a man's life who had suffered an epileptic fit in Houghton Town Centre, putting him in the recovery position and supporting his head whilst an ambulance was called.
Lauren from Year 10 has supported the school community with many different activities, including working on reporting and recording our new school build.
Finally from Year 11, Bailey was chosen for his powerful poetry, which targets racism in all forms and shows maturity well beyond his years.
Congratulations to all of you; Kepier is lucky to have these and so many other learners who are prepared to make such a difference to other's lives.

Monday, 26 March 2018


This years awards were held on 22nd March at The Stadium of Light.
We were delighted that Emily, who left Kepier last year, was the winner of the 'Academic Achievement' award in the 14 - 20 Years category. Emily achieved 100% attendance during her five years at Kepier, and her hard work paid off when she achieved Level 9 grades in English Language, Literature and Maths, plus seven A* grades in her other subjects!
Emily has now gone on to study at Durham Sixth Form.
Also from Kepier, Grace received recognition for having her art work displayed at the Youth Arts Exhibition 2018 at The Arts Centre, Washington, and was a winner in the 11 - 14 Years category.
We were also delighted to see Houghton Albion FC as the group winners in the Sport category, 8 - 20 Years, and Houghton Brass Band as winners in the Music and Performing Arts category, 8 - 20 Years.
Well done not just to everyone here, but all those who were either nominated or won on the evening - you should all be very proud!

Friday, 23 March 2018


Kepier are delighted that four of its learners have been awarded places on the Tall Ships event in Sunderland this year.

Daniel, Lewis, Jayne and Yonela will take part in the event, representing both Kepier and young people from across the city.

Principal Nicky Cooper said "we are delighted to announce four of our learners will take part in the Tall Ships Race this summer.  All four learners have demonstrated commitment and resilience and thoroughly deserve a place.  They will benefit enormously from this wonderful opportunity.  It is something that they will remember for the rest of their lives."

All four learners are tremendously excited about the event, and Yonela said "I am exhilarated to have this opportunity and take part in the Tall Ships Race; all of us are delighted to have this once in a lifetime chance!"